The Stanley Park Community Association is completely run by volunteers who have each taken on Board positions to help make decisions, to carry out fiscal responsibilities and to determine procedures that guide and support our programs. As a team, we work productively and cooperatively to get the job done efficiently and effectively. The SPCC or Community Centre is a City of Kitchener facility with City of Kitchener paid staff. They man the front desk and phones to assist Board members, instructors, participants and members of the community with the many questions that arise throughout the year.

The mission of the Stanley Park Community Association is to promote community activities, community outreach, and to encourage participation of residents, of all ages, endeavouring to foster community spirit. The SPCA shall serve the community defined by Victoria St. N., the Grand River, Idlewood Creek, Fairway Rd. North, Lackner Blvd, Daimler Dr., Old Chicopee to River Rd., NW boundary of Idlewood Park and Woodland Cemetery, Weber St. East, Conestoga Parkway.